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A new and powerful way to learn guitar!

Reach higher levels with our best-selling guitar program!

The process of learning can be made much shorter
and more optimal, if you know the tricks of the trade!

And the best part is...
We have put together all the great tools for you,
to use them at your own comfort, so you can learn
quicker and easier!

Our guidance will get your guitar playing
into a whole new level of
confidence and mastery of the instrument!

Dear Guitarist,

Let's face it - you and me, and many other guitar players, often struggle through all the articles,
tabs, licks and other loosely connected items, in pursuit of mastery of the instrument. I used to spend hundreds of hours playing and trying out tons of material found in guitar magazines and on the internet. However - I seldom felt close of becoming the guitarist I wanted to be. In spite of that, I continued to "practice" in the old-fashioned way because I didn't knew better.

Wasn't that frustrating?!

At last, when I started my academical career in medical sciences, a great idea struck me!
What if we combine the powerful scientific knowledge and research principles with guitar playing?
Fulfilling my hopes, this idea would eventually develop into a system of practice that created massive
results and was time-friendly beyond my expectations!


Let me clarify:

Since my childhood, I came across dozens of books, articles, and teachers looking for the best ways of acquiring practical skills and knowledge about my favorite instrument. I have seen students and myself
trying to find the optimal way to go. But - I found out that only a few methods were really good. The methods that worked best were actually chosen by a scientific inquiry of observations, experiments and conclusions.

AND all the best techniques were at last put together into one CD-book!

Now, ask yourself...

   Are you willing to put your time and effort to become
   the guitar player you really want to be?

Or are you going to miss the opportunity and spend money on books that don't make it happen?

If you just invest your time and follow the path of the system described in this
book, you will see why it became an instant success across libraries of Denmark,
the country where the CD-book was initially released.

Think about it. A powerful guitar learning tool compiled
by years of research and experience, could be the best
thing ever coming across your strings!

  Would you like to take a peek at what's in this system that made
  me and others go from rags to riches of guitar playing?

"All Aspects of Rock & Jazz, Electric Guitar"


  * The scientific basis behind good practicing habits that will make your progress skyrocket!
  Read about physiology, psychology and ergonomy - this information cannot be found in most
  of the guitar methods, yet it is crucial for your developmental bliss! And, contrary to others,
  it is provided by an author with the correct academical background, of course using an
  easy-to-digest language!

  * A how-to study plan to guide you through the book to make sure you are going in the right direction.

  * Introduction to guitar anatomy, to acquaint you with the impact of different parts of
  your instrument, and help you to choose the guitar that suits your needs.

  * What do all the knobs on your amp doing? What types of amplifiers can you buy?
  Are there any secrets?

  * A briefing on effect pedals that can spice up your playing!

  * Advice on playing in the band - different ways of playing chords
 and lines to break the boring cycle of monotony many bands run into.

  * What is rhythm guitar and how to learn it!
  How to use your hands in different playing styles!

  * A method for learning all the notes on your fretboard-
  this is a tool that will tremendously enhance
  your knowledge and ability to learn guitar!

  * We go through lots of different chords - all from basic triads
  to stacked fourths, including a chord dictionary in all keys!

  * Learn how to use different voicings and create your
  own - this information will boost your creativity
  and let you play all over the fretboard! You will
  feel like a newborn child!

  * How to harmonize melodies - a nice way to improve
  your songs and apply theory to practice!

  * A guide to learning intervals. This is a basic
   knowledge, yet neglected by so many players...

  * Learn many different scales and how to play them
   in any key, in any place on the fretboard! Also,
   learn how to apply this method to any scale you ever come across!

  * A painless way to get really familiar with the modes - based
   on what you learn during the course of the book!

  * Applications of different scales to all sorts of chords,
   construction of solo lines, speed, harmonics, and MORE!

  * And, as you end this course, you will be able to integrate
    anything you learn in the future into your web of knowledge
    much more easily! You will open a guitar magazine,
    read a lesson, and know what the heck they are talking about
    and how to use it in your own playing!

In total: over 300 pages packed with information that you cannot allow yourself to miss!

How does this book differ from others? We do not give some ridiculous guarantees of "learning guitar in 30 days", when all you learn is to strum some chords and play simple melodies. We do not learn some detailed material, when you have not learned the fundaments. No "100 best licks you need to know" when you have not learned about the ideas behind the licks and how they fit in music. Our book is covering what you need to know to be whatever you want to be.

See why this book is so special and why it stands out from other books?
You realize of course that such powerful system could be sold for several
hundred dollars? In fact, many schools and publishers are charging more for less!!!

But, we want to make this system available to anyone, and we sell it for a mere $22 !!!
Yes, that is less than a price of one guitar lesson! You will never get a better offer!

Order the CD-book now, and don't wait any longer
to become the master of the fretboard!


Buy now!

"All Aspects of Rock & Jazz, The Electric Guitar"
for just $22 from our distributors:

    Worldwide orders:   

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